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Summary of Facilities at Division Points, Canadian National Railways

Station building without restaurant Large station with restaurant Station building Station building
60,000 gal. timber water tank 400 ton coal chute Superintendent’s office Combination office and storehoue
300 ton ice house 50,000 gal. timber water tank Freight shed Locomotive fireman’s residence
12 man bunk house 1000 ton ice house 400 ton coal chute 72,000 gal. steel gravity water tank
10 stall steam heated engine house with reinforced concrete walls and small machine shop 12 stall hot air heated brick engine house Cinder host 900 ton ice house
3 through sidings, capacity 249 cars 75 foot turntable 350,000 gal. oil storage tank 12 man bunk house
Fully equipped machine shop 25,000 gal. service oil tank 5 stall steam heated frame engine house and machine shop
Car repair shop 36 x 240 feet 80,000 gal. steel gravity water tank and stand pipe 86 foot turntable
9 coach hydrants 1000 ton ice house 4 through sidings, capacity 275 cars
11 through sidings, capacity 560 cars 12 stall hot air heated brick engine house Wye
75 foot turntable
9 coach hydrants
Pintsh gas tank for charging cars
5 through sidings, capacity 300 cars
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Source:NAC, RC 43, Vol. 587, F. 18648.