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Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to Vancouver and Prince Rupert Via Sturgeon Lake and Obed

For assumed minimum trafficFor assumed maximum traffic
New Construction to Vancouver of Prince Rupert204 miles1,004 miles
Capital Investment to Vancouver$13,336,000$80,484,500
Capital Investment to Prince Rupert$13,356,000$80,819,500
Gradients Against Outboud Traffic to Vancouver or Prince Rupert0.5 percent0.5 percent
Average Distance Traffic is Hauled to Vancouver905 miles909 miles
Average Distance Traffic is Hauled to Prince Rupert1,095 miles1,100 miles
Net Outgoing Tonnage to Vancouver or Prince Rupert150,000 tons1,860,000 tons
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Source:Report on various proposed railway routes for a western outlet to the Pacific from the Peace River district by a joint board of engineers of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways, Ottawa, 1929. NAC (PAC) RG 43, Vol. 686, No. 21, 824.