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CNR Estimated Cost of Constructing 1 Mile of Branch Line Railway for Industrial Use

ItemUnitQuantityUnit PriceEAmountTotal
Right of Way Acres12.00$50.00$600.00$600.00
Grading (Average 2 ft. cut or fill)
GrubbingAcres 2.00$100.00$200.00
Excavation-EarthCu.Yds.1500.00 0.60 cents $900.00
FillCu.Yds.5000.000.75 cents$3750.00
30" concrete pipeLin.Ft.150.00$5.00$750.00$750.00
Track Material
Cross Ties #2No.3000.000.75 cents$2250.00
Rails-80 lb. (second hand)Gr.Tons125.70$35.00$4400.00
Angle Bars (second hand)Gr.Tons7.00$50.00$350.00
Bolts (new)Gr.Tons1.00$120.00$120.00
Spikes (new)Gr.Tons4.00$75.00$300.00
Track Labour
Track Laying and SurfacingMile1.00$1500.00$1500.00
Freight on MaterialTon Miles60000.000.007 cents$420.00
Add 10% Engineering and Contingencies$1960.00
Total Cost of 1 Mile$21500.00
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Source: Montreal, September 11, 1941. NAC RG30, Vol.7294, File 20-79.