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The Edmonton Interurban Railway
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The Edmonton Interurban Railway

Edmonton Interurban Railway
Edmonton Interurban Railway
he Edmonton Interurban was an enterprise of the Franco-Canadian Trust, incorporated in 1910 (amended in 1912) to build a system of railways radiating from Edmonton, with St. Albert—a promising bedroom suburb of affluent Edmontonians—being the most important destination. The line was seen as instrumental for real estate development, one such showpiece was Summerland Park.

Streetcar on the Edmonton Interurban Railway
Streetcar on the Edmonton Interurban Railway

The railway was completed to the boundary of Edmonton on July 11, 1913, with regular service commencing on September 30, 1913 and extended into the city where it was connected to the Edmonton Radial Railway on December 21, 1913. Fire destroyed the main depot and the only car on April 1, 1914. This brought to a close the operation, already adversely affected by the collapse of the real estate boom. Summerland was the biggest casualty as the houses were moved away. An ineffectual attempt to revive the railway was made in 1917. In 1920, the City of Edmonton acquired the Interurban lines within its boundaries.

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