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or me, the highest virtue is generosity. In the compiling of the atlas many individuals have demonstrated it in thought, word, and deed. To each I say “thank you.” My heartfelt thanks to Mary, for her help in the many hours of research, encouragement and patience and to our children, Rod and Margaret, for their love and understanding.

To Geoffrey Ironside for providing the impetus to start on the project, and to his successors as Chairman of the Department of Geography at the University of Alberta—Ian Campbell, John Hodgson, and John Shaw—I thank them for their continued support. My thanks also to P.J. Smith who as Chairman, hired me and the late Janusz Klawe, my mentor. To my colleagues who worked closely on the project—Ron Whistance-Smith, fellow Faculty Service Officer, Map Curator, friend and consultant; Michael Fisher for his dedication from start to finish; Rod Dunphy; Stephanie Kucharyshyn and Inge Wilson, who worked on the Atlas with me before their retirement; Jack Chesterman and Randy Pakan, assisted by David Epp, whose expertise in photography was indispensable—I express my appreciation of the varied talents they brought to the Atlas. Finally, thanks to Lynette Hussain and her predecessors whose keen eyes were able to decipher the author’s writings and put them into legible copy.

The late Omer Lavallée, Corporate Historian and Archivist, Canadian Pacific, who I approached on a cold October day in 1981, offered his encouragement and help. And J. Norman Lowe, History officer of Canadian National provided access to the library over which he presided and for his patience in answering the many questions directed at him.

Colin Hatcher, John Gilpin, Donald Bain and Les Kozma responded enthusiastically to my calls for help and whose acquiaintantship has grown into long lasting friendship.

Monika McNabb, Grants Officer, and Mark Rasmussen, Coordinating Director, whose strong recommendation to Clarach Mackintosh, Chairman of the Board of the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation led to a grant of $8500 for the completion of the remaining maps.

Norma Gutteridge, retired Director of the University of Alberta Press, decided the Atlas merited publication and Glenn Rollans, her successor, confirmed her assessment. My appreciation to members of the University of Alberta Press Committee who approved the project. And finally, my thanks to Mary Mahoney-Robson, editor, for her graciousness toward this amateur and in making the Atlas worthy.

To everyone who offered their time and expertise to me in the research over the years, I express my thanks and appreciation:

R.F.P. Bowan, Canadian Pacific Railway Charles Anderson, Alberta Resources Railway Corporation J.D. Starko, Canadian National Railways D.B. Kotin, Metropolitan Toronto Library Board Pat Marshall, Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives Brian Hallett, National Archives Canada Merrily Aubrey, Provincial Archives of Alberta B.M. Cameron, Canadian Transport Commission Irene Kerr, Lethbridge, Alberta Hugo Stibbe, National Archives of Canada Marjorie Spicer, Cochrane, Alberta Kenneth MacKenzie, Canadian National Gladys Cunningham, Crowsnest Historical Society Donna Dahms, Nordegg Historical Heritage Interest Group Edo Nyland, Sidney, B.C. Vern Decoux, Blairmore, Alberta Greg Ellis, Sir Alexander Galt Museum Susan Custock, Canadian National Exploration Incorporated Douglas Phillips, Canadian Pacific Railway Eileen Hendy, Athabasca Municipal Library Archives Kathy Dirk, Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery Cliff Dacre, Redcliff Museum and Historical Society Edward Atkinson, National Archives of Canada Rob Gardner, City of Medicine Hat Richard Brown, National Archives of Canada Anne Belliveau, Calgary, Alberta Norman Keyes, Jr., Great Northern Railway Historical Society Lynette Walton, Glenbow museum and Archives Dean Ogle, Surrey, B.C. Charles Bohi, White River Junction, Vermont Carol Marley, McGill University, Montreal Tom Nesmith, National Archives of Canada Glen Curnoe, London Public Archives, Ontario June Honey, City of Edmonton Archives, Alberta Pat McIntyre, National Archives of Canada Wendy de candole, Jasper-Yellowhead Historical Society Cleophas Belvin, National Archives of Canada S.I. 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