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Northern Alberta Railways, Zones for Originating Traffic

Acreage suitable for settlementPer cent of which requires considerable clearingOutgoing tonnage for maximum traffic assumed
ZoneAcresPer centNetGross
2 1,750.00043380,000570,000
3 500,00072120,000180,000
4 (500,000)75120,000180,000
5 500,00072100,000150,000
7 1,300,00075280,000420,000
Note. Initial Traffic. For the initial (minimum) traffic the area of production is taken as tributory to the present trackage including what new trunk mileage would be necessary to make a junction with them.Maximum traffic. For the maximum traffic the area considered in Alberta comprises all the surveyed land bounded on the south by Township 69, on the north by Township 88, on the east by Range 14, and on the west by the Britich Columbia-Alberta boundary and also a strip of coutry 200 miles long and 20 miles wide north of Township 87 in the valley of the Peace river as far as Fort Vermilion. And in British Columbia included the district known as the Peace River Block and also the country tributory to the navigable portions of the Finlay and Parsnip rivers.
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Source:Report on various proposed railway routes for a western outlet to the Pacific from the Peace River district by a joint board of engineers of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways, Ottawa, 1929. NAC (PAC) RG 43, Vol. 686, No. 21, 824.