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Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to Stewart Via Findlay Forks

For assumed initial trafficFor assumed maximum traffic
Minimum construction611 miles1,175 miles
Minimum construction line to Prince George_______1,347
Capital investment (not including line to Prince George)$30,370,000$81,932,250
Capital investment (including line to Prince George)$37,750,000$90,172,250
Gradients1.0 per cent 1.0 per cent
Average distance traffic hauled to Stewart611 miles591 miles
Net outgoing tonnage to Stewart170,000 tons1,860,00 tons
Note. From Spirit River and Grand Prairie to Findlay forks the Stewart route would be identical woth the Peace River route but from Findlay forks (or Mount Selwyn) the line would run through a new terriotory tp Stewart, the direction of which would be somewhat tortuous, on account of crossing several minor summits. The construction costs would be semi-mountainous.
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Source:Report on various proposed railway routes for a western outlet to the Pacific from the Peace River district by a joint board of engineers of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways, Ottawa, 1929. NAC (PAC) RG 43, Vol. 686, No. 21, 824.