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The Cost of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway

algary to Edmonton, Dist. of Alberta, 190.97 m., Calgary to McLeod, 104.10 m. —total, 295.07 m.; total track (steel: 56 lbs.), 304.45 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8.5. in. Organized in 1890; road opened as above in Oct. 1892. The company is entitled to a subsidy from the Dominion Government, for hauling government traffic, of $80,000 per annum for 20 years, and this subsidy is to be paid direct to the London agents, as trustees for the bondholders.

The company is further entitled to a land grant of 1,920,000 acres, of which about 605,000 acres are retained by the government against the subsidy, and by the Canadian Pacific Ry. Co. on account of its undertaking to operate the road during the first five years. The Canadian Pacific Ry. operates the road and retains all income other than the subsidy.

Operations, year ending June 30th, 1893.

54,071 milesTrains run (mixed)
9,711Passengers carried
16,761Tons freight moved
$ 97,669.71 Earnings
(passengers, $35, 733.21; freight, $59,225.20; others $4,711,30) --------
$41,998.23Net earnings

Source: Poor’s Manual of Railroads, 1894.