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A Look at Mirror, November 1, 1920

lant here consists of a 6 stall roundhouse, steam heated. Roundhouse is served by a 75' turntable, motor driven. There is 1 small drop pit for truck wheel purposes. Machinery is located against outer wall of roundhouse and consists of 1 lathe, 1 drill press and 1 emery wheel. This machinery is driven by a small Fairbanks gas engine.

There is 1 locomotive type boiler, also one vertical for emergency purposes. A tank is used here instead of a well for washing out purposes, 1 boiler washing pump being provided for this purpose. The air supply is from 2 locomotive air pumps. There is 1 blacksmith forge located between pits in the roundhouse.

A small frame building has been provided for Locomotive Foreman’s office and stores combined. A freight car body is used as an oil house. There is also 1 engineer’s bunkroom supplied with lavatories and 16 beds.

Roundhouse is wired for electric lighting, the power being furnished by a Pyle National equipment. Water supply is good.

There are 4 engines stored outside, all of the 4-4-0 type, numbers, 55, 72, 104, 112. The first 3 are held awaiting general repairs and 112 is laid up.

There is a 100 ton 2 pocket coal dock with mechanical hoist, also 1 cinder pit. Sanding arrangement consists of a small frame building with air hoist, sand being dried by stove. This building had recently been wrecked by wind and was awaiting repairs.

Railroad Company pump their own water here.

9 engines are assigned to this point, 3 freight, 3 way-freight, 2 passenger and 1 switcher.

The following engines were inspected in the roundhouse: Engine 822, type 2-8-0, tire wear 1/8". In good condition. Engine 607, type 4-6-0, tire wear 1/16". Good condition.

Foreman Waters is in charge here.

Car Department. Car yard consists of 3 tracks, 1 of which is used for auxiliary outfit. 14 men are employed, including car inspectors. There is ample room between the tracks for an Industrial track, which, however, in not being installed.

Joint Inspection made by Messrs. Wheatley & Graburn

Source: Excerpt from Public Archives of Canada, RG 36, 35, Vol. 20.