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Calgary, 1917

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©? Population in 1916, 56,514 ©?
©? Shading on this map represents surveyed lots; the actual built-up areas were smaller in extent.This map, along with the map of Edmonton, 1917, indicate the absurdity of the three trans-continental railways serving cities of this size. ©?
Source: PAC (NAC): RG 12, Vol. 1993, File 3356/81, v. 4. Inspecting engineer’s report, December 4, 1902. RG 12M 77803/17, Items 593–4, NMC 47903–4 NTS. 83H/12a, 11d, 6e, 5h. 1: 25,000. 1973. Mundy’s map of the twin cities of Edmonton and Strathcona, 1911. Driscoll and Knight’s map of the City of Edmonton, 1912. C 1990, Department of Geography, University of Alberta