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View figure: Alberta Central Railway Reconnaissance Profile
View figure: Alberta Country Elevator Shipments, by Railways
View figure: Alberta Resource Railway Condensed Profile
View figure: Betsy Locomotive
View figure: Bridge Decks on Crow’s Nest Line
View figure: Buildings and Sidings from Edmonton to Jasper
View figure: Calgary and Edmonton Railway, Lacombe to Kerrobert Statutory History
View figure: Canadian Northern Alberta Railway Statement of Cost
View figure: Chauvin Townsite Plan
View figure: Chronology of Southwestern Alberta Railways 1882–1912
View figure: CNR Alberta District Organizational Chart
View figure: CNR Estimated Cost of Constructing 1 Mile of Branch Line Railway for Industrial Use
View figure: Coal Commonly Found in Alberta (by area)
View figure: Coal Industry Employment and Mines in Operation
View figure: Coal Mined  in Alberta by Ton
View figure: Coal Mines in Operation 1910–1949
View figure: Consolidation Scheme Proposed June 4–5, 1917
View figure: Coronation Townsite Plan
View figure: CPR Plan of Grade and Line Revision Between Field and Hector, B.C.
View figure: CPR Standard Roadbed and Ballast Section
View figure: Detail of Doull Town Layout
View figure: Drumheller Coal Mines
View figure: Edmonton to Calgary Dominion Statutes
View figure: Erskine Townsite Plan
View figure: Growing Time for Trans-continental Railways
View figure: Lacombe Townsite Plan
View figure: Land Subsidies to Railways by Province
View figure: Layout for Canadian Northern Railway, Third Class
View figure: Layout for Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia, Station House B
View figure: Layout for Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Design A
View figure: Layout of Canadian Pacific Railway Standard No. 5
View figure: Manner of Working the Railway Between Each of the 400 Mile Distances
View figure: Millet Townsite Plan
View figure: Model of Divisional Organization and Lines of Authority, 1930s
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to Prince Rupert and Vancouver Via Peace Pass
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to Stewart Via Findlay Forks
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to Vancouver and Prince Rupert Via Sturgeon Lake and Obed
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways, Proposed Routes to  Vancouver and Prince Rupert Via The Monkman Pass
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways, Shipment of Products in Percent, 1930–1960
View figure: Northern Alberta Railways,  Zones for Originating Traffic
View figure: Passes Through the Rockies, Comparative Profile
View figure: Petrol-Hydraulic Motor Car for the Lacombe and Blindman Valley Railway
View figure: Proposed Use of Convict Labour
View figure: Rail Cross-section
View figure: Rail Identification
View figure: Railways Incorporated but Not Built, Yearly Distribution
View figure: Railway Townsite Plans Usage in Alberta
View figure: Railway Townsite Plans Used in Alberta
View figure: Shay Geared Locomotive
View figure: Spiral Tunnels Cross Section
View figure: Statutes for Edmonton District Railway and Edmonton, Yukon, and Pacific Railway
View figure: Statutes of Proposed Railways for Western Canada Never Built
View figure: Steam Engines
View figure: Summary of Facilities at Division Points, Canadian National Railways
View figure: Time Table, GTPR: Lovett Subdivision, Mountain Park Subdivision, Luscar Subdivision
View figure: Time Table of the AR&CC and GF&C Railway
View figure: Time Table Supplement, Barrhead Subdivision , October 17, 1927
View figure: Wetaskiwin Townsite Plan