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Geoffrey Lester, Author and Cartographer
(Author's acknowledgements)
R.G. Ironside, Foreword
Colin Hatcher, Writer
Les Kozma, Writer
John Gilpin, Writer
Don Bain, Writer
Bruce Madu, Draftsman
Jack Chesterman, Photographer
Michael Payne, Writer
Michael Fisher, Cartographer
Rod Dunphy, Cartographer
Stephanie Kucharyshyn, Cartographer
Inge Wilson, Cartographer
Randy Pakan, Photographer
Ron Whistance-Smith, Map Curator and Writer
Mary Mahoney-Robson, Editor/Project Manager, University of Alberta Press
Alethea Adair, Research Assistant, University of Alberta Press
David Laurie, Research Assistant, University of Alberta
Susan Hesemeier, Former Research Assistant, University of Toronto
Stéfan Sinclair, Academic Advisor, McMaster University
Sean Gouglas, Academic Advisor, University of Alberta
Lara Minja, Graphic Designer, Lime design
Over 25 years ago, Geoff Lester had a vision of An Historical Atlas of Railways in Alberta. With his colleagues working in the Cartography Section in the Department of Geography at the University of Alberta and his friends interested in railway history, Geoff worked on or oversaw the creation of over 200 maps, the accompanying articles and supplemental materials that make up the Atlas of Alberta Railways website. Geoff researched and drew many of the maps and wrote many of the articles himself. Most recently, he has helped edit the materials for the website. University of Alberta Press would like to thank Geoff for his dedication and perseverance in seeing the Atlas of Alberta Railways to publication as a website. He has been the engineer of this project from the beginning and it was his original concept that the different parts of the Atlas were 'boxcars that could be moved around' that inspired the Digitalization Project's approach to presenting the Atlas on-line. Mary Lester has also been a dedicated friend of the project.
University of Alberta Press would also like to thank Learning Services, especially Ernie Ingles, Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, for continued encouragement and support in creating the Atlas of Alberta Railways website.
The Press would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Susan Stein, Stephen Thornton, Beth Sadler and Natasha Nunn, at Academic Information and Communication Technologies, for their continued support of the project, especially in its early stage, and access to their scanning equipment so we could digitize the original maps. The assistance of Chinook Multimedia's Robert Hesketh and Christopher Hackett in exploring the early stages of digitization also were invaluable.
We would also like to thank Terry Butler, Darren Boss, Erik Zhang, and Karl Anvik at TAPoR, who were constant sources of information and technical assistance for the project. Sean Gouglas, History and Classics, and H. James Hoover, Computing Science, have also contributed their expertise to the project and assisted in writing grant proposals. Finally, we would like to acknowledge Stéfan Sinclair's role in making this website come alive. Without his support and his drive, the Atlas of Alberta Railways would still be sitting on a siding.