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The Crow’s Nest Pass Agreement

Location: From Lethbridge, district of Alberta, through the Crow’s Nest Pass to Nelson, province of British Columbia. Line to pass through the town of Macleod unless CPR had good cause not to, in which case the line and station to be established not greater than 500 yards from town limits.

Subsidy: $11,000 per mile and not exceeding a total of $3,630,000, payable in installments on the completion of section not less than 10 miles in length.

Rates and tolls westbound: Reduction made on certain classes of merchandise westbound from Fort William and all points east of there on any CPR rail or water route: 33 1/3% on green and fresh fruits; 20% on coal oil; 10% on cordage and binder twine; agricultural implements; iron (bar, band, Canada plates, galvanized, sheet, pipe, pipe-fittings, nails, spikes, horse shoes; wire; window glass; building and roofing paper; roofing felt, box and packaging; paints and oils; livestock; wooden ware; household furniture.

Rates and tolls eastbound: A reduction of 3 cents per 100 pounds on grain and flour from all points west of Fort William to Fort William and Port Arthur and all points east.

Source: 6–61 Victoria, Chap. 5, June 29, 1897.