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Railway Towns

View excerpt: Alexander Doull's Railway Town Layout PlanAlexander Doull's Railway Town Layout Plan
View photo: The Town of Viking, Aerial ViewThe Town of Viking, Aerial View
View chart: Railway Townsite Plans Used in AlbertaRailway Townsite Plans Used in Alberta
View chart: Railway Townsite Plans Usage in AlbertaRailway Townsite Plans Usage in Alberta
View chart: Erskine Townsite PlanErskine Townsite Plan
View chart: Millet Townsite PlanMillet Townsite Plan
View chart: Chauvin Townsite PlanChauvin Townsite Plan
View chart: Wetaskiwin Townsite PlanWetaskiwin Townsite Plan
View chart: Coronation Townsite PlanCoronation Townsite Plan
View chart: Lacombe Townsite PlanLacombe Townsite Plan
View chart: Detail of Doull Town LayoutDetail of Doull Town Layout
View photo: Slide at Frank, AlbertaSlide at Frank, Alberta
View photo: First Train Crossing North Saskatchewan at EdmontonFirst Train Crossing North Saskatchewan at Edmonton
View photo: Aerial Photograph, Nordegg, 1944Aerial Photograph, Nordegg, 1944
View excerpt: A Look at Mirror, November 1, 1920 A Look at Mirror, November 1, 1920
View photo: Mountain Park Coal CompanyMountain Park Coal Company
View photo: Mountain Park Mine, 1927Mountain Park Mine, 1927